Jan 5, 2008

"I'll give her face a two, and her ass a nine."

The title of this post is derived from Blue Collar Comedy television stand-up Jeff Foxworthy in his trademark "Redneck Dictionary." It's a funny play on words as I'm trying to convey the word asinine, as in, this post will be dealing with some of the most asinine arguments against atheism.

I went back and visited the Rational Response Squad as I've become rather found of Kelly's activism over there. In our last post about them, Kelly even commented and thanked us for the supporting words we have been giving to her over in this wonderful blog of ours. You're welcome RRS, it's great to know that we could be of assistance.

This came from Kelly's RRS blog and despite its old date (December 4, 2007 to be exact) I thought it addressed some of the most common arguments used by Christians against atheism. Kelly sensibly wrote:

"The attempt to correlate atheism with violence, hatred, and genocide is the faithful fall-back argument for theists looking for a scapegoat. As in many other situations, their best defense for their beliefs and the resulting atrocities throughout history is something like, “Atheists did it, too! Just look at Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. You’re just like us!” Well, I beg to differ. Those three well-worn examples did not commit those crimes because of their lack of god-belief. That is where the fundamental difference lies. The communist regimes wanted to eradicate religious belief so that the sole allegiance of the populace would be to the government. It was not driven by an atheistic agenda per se, but rather a power struggle with the religious ideologues who would seek to thwart their dominance over the people."

I congratulate Kelly on writing such an excellent post refuting the typical Christian arguments against atheism. Overall, these objections "fall flat on their face when one thumbs through the annals of history." Indeed, any intelligent and critical-thinking Christian believer will have to go looking after another argument against the philosophy of atheism. Emotional objections just won't do.


Joe E. Drollman said...

Yay Kelly! Those fundies who claim that although they weren't killed "for atheism", but that the deaths were easily excused by the atheistic regimes because human life has no ultimate value in atheism, clearly are lacking any grasp in logic.

Bertram Cabot, Jr. said...

A 2!!

No way, Jose!

A 3 at least! I have seen my share of has been overage strippers and she ain't no 2!

On the the other hand, her ass ain't no nine, either. About a 5, if ya seen it close.