Feb 25, 2008

The Sugary Foods Argument

I recall the moments of my childhood in which I was forced to consume healthy foods such as squash, beans, and liver before ever leaving the dinner table and or getting any desert afterwards. Despite the fact that our parents are usually well-meaning in their efforts to get children to eat food that is healthy to their growing bodies, we all agree as children that the particular food of healthy choice does not make for an exciting eat, nor is it usually expected to have a satisfactory taste. Here is where I will now begin to present my philosophical argument and how it has relations with the Christian God of the Bible.

So, here it goes: If the God of the Bible was a loving god of omnibolevence, then why on Earth did he create foods that are of good health to be in such BAD TASTE? If you are a parent with kids you know what it is I'm talking about. When you ask you're kids about what they think about chopped chicken liver or fried beans, chances are the response you are going to get go along the lines of this: "EWWW! Yuck! No way!"

Surely if God existed he would have provided us with foods that are healthy that are of good taste, instead of bad. He would also create the bad foods to taste bad instead of good. Get where I am going with this? There seems to be a problem as evidenced by realistic perception and one in which God's all-powerful will has once again seemed to have fallen short. "Why?" I ask. Why would God do this? Surely an omnipotent god had the power to modify and perfect our tastebuds before he even put us together in his "Grand Scheme of Life."

Today the United States is one of the leading countries in the world with some of the highest ratings in obesity contrasted with the general population. America's addiction for sweets and candy products has reached such a peak that it has begun to interfere with the health of our younger generation, i.e., the future leaders and workers of our future. I suspect that if "God Bless America" was a true statement, God might have actually designed us in such a way where healthy foods were more appealing to the taste buds, and not things that lead to higher rates of obesity and high blood pressure. Because of these events having currently taking place in our present time period, there are three possibilities to why this is so:

  • 1) God is not omnibolevelent and does not care for humans. In other words, God is actually the god of deism, an impersonal god.
  • 2) God is a liar.
  • 3) God does not exist outside the realm of our imaginations.

If the first two are correct and the Christian God does in fact exist, then I want nothing to do with Christianity. Jesus and the Holy Spirit can have their sick fun watching people getting fatter and lazy while they sit back and do nothing. I would rather go to Hell with the Devil than to Heaven with a malovelent, lying, bully. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap.

Feb 19, 2008

Preterism is an Admission That Jesus Was an Idiot!

More than a year ago my kiss kiss buddy John Locust commented on the Christian eschatology of Preterism by arguing such a view is an admission that Jesus failed to return. Earlier than that John (kiss kiss) had posted the same thing on a forum and was told this by the owner: "that has to be one of the most ignorant critiques of preterism I have seen."

Well, my buddy John says he got a Christian over at the Preterist Heresy blog to say that his critiques of preterism were BRILLIANT! This proves that this Christian is knowledgeable and that the forum owner is an idiot!

As we say here all the time, no one needs to be an expert on anything we talk about here, one only needs to decide that special pleading for religions sake doesn't cut it, and look for reasonable answers to reasonable questions! Being a freethinker automatically makes us smarter -- so THERE!

Feb 18, 2008

I Argue from Ignorance!

I’m sure all of my fans (all 3 of them) have heard of the stupid "Argument From Reason," which attempts to show God exists, and the absolutely brilliant (especially as framed by my good buddy kiss kiss John Locust) "Argument From Evil," which absolutely shows that God does not exist. I hereby advance for the first time, on behalf of my brilliant buddy John Locust, the "Argument From Ignorance," which I feel that I can specialize in because if anyone knows anything about ignorance, it’s me! I will attempt to show that religious skepticism is justified based upon the fact that human beings are ignorant, and we are ignorant because we are profoundly limited and immature as human beings. [This might take a few posts to do so. I mean, explain; I can obviously show how ignorant and immature I am in only one post].

So here’s the argument. First of all, there is available evidence that is neglected and/or inaccessible to us. There is unrecognized evidence that is undiscovered and undiscoverable by all of us. Obviously, anyone claiming to have not neglected some information, or to have found enough to make a decision, is ignorant. I know they are because I know they have not discovered it all, because I know what they don’t and know they haven’t discovered it. See?

Then there’s the past. The human past is too brief, ("only a few thousand years old") and we have been occupied by other things for us to conclude we have arrived at a final understanding. For example, I watch a lot of TV, so you surely can’t say I’ve arrived at a final understanding. No one else could have either because although I am ignorant, they are certainly more ignorant than I am.

Then there’s a lot of other problems. There has been hubris (or self-importance) and greed, jealously and envy, which taken together led to dogmatism, hostility and rivalry among people of different understandings. Obviously, as a freethinker, though, I stand above all of that and can see these flaws in everyone else and arrive at smarter conclusions than they can. Things like, "the more attached one becomes to one's beliefs, the more difficult it is to remain open to their falsity and to engage in investigations that might show them to be false" don’t apply to me or my kiss kiss buddy John John.

These days, we have stuff like computers and iPods that are a lot better at storing information. That means its only a matter of time before all religions (except atheism) are proven false.

Therefore, since everyone (except me and other freethinkers) are profoundly limited and profoundly immature, religious skepticism is positively justified. So there!

Feb 17, 2008

My Book Sales Great Success!

Well everyone I have more great news pertaining to my book sales on Amazon: Just recently it was ranked 878th in over-all books on Amazon.com, 4th in Apologetic books, 6th in Atheism books, and 7th in Biographies & Memoirs > Leaders & Notable People > Isn't it exciting!

As you can see, my book is becoming increasingly popular with both skeptics and Christians alike! The more sales made, the more I have been able to make a difference in the world. So buy today! (You can pre-order it here and help the cause.)

BE WARNED THOUGH: It may cause you to lose your faith for good.

Feb 8, 2008

John Locust Will Be Sneaking Onto the Campus at the University of Wisconsin-Catawba

Chris Honkquist and his secular student organization invited my dear sweet kissy kissy buddy John Locust to speak on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Catawba about why he rejected Christianity. He'll be doing that February 12th at about 7 ish in the Shlago-Wahoo Phillips Memorial Sleep Research Lab. This will take place in room 2650 of that building (the broom closet). If you're near the area he would like to meet ya and sell ya a book. Please tell anyone you know who lives near there about it as well and make sure they buy a book too.

Feb 1, 2008

God Made Atheism Stupid

Here's a sure fire way to win any debate with a theist:

Whenever they accuse you of making illogical points, or having a flawed view of their beliefs, or saying something that's just plain stupid, you look them eye and say, "Blame it on your imaginary God for making me this way."

It works every time.