Feb 12, 2010

At 97 Today I'm Wondering If I Can Book This Guy in Advance to Eulogize at My Funeral! LOL

Since I'm getting blasted in the comments below, supposedly because I may have made fun of a person with a mental disability, let me respond.

I found this video posted on TheologyWeb by a well-respected guy named Steve, so if you blast me then blast him too.

Besides, I never said exactly what it was that I found to be funny about this guy who talks like a drunken mentally retarded hobo, so let me spell it out now.

What I find hilarious is that the school allowed him to talk before the audience in the first place. That's it! They knew how he would talk on camera before he talked and they let him talk anyway! That's the hoot! So no, I would not want him to eulogize at my funeral for the same reasons the school leadership should not have let him talk before the audience. Why? Because it’s painful to hear him talk. He talks like he downed ten gallons of methilic alcohol! Do I need to be any clearer?

If an atheist wants to respond that we shouldn't care how talented someone is when it comes to speaking in a language understandable by sentient humanoids residing on planet Earth, and that knowledge in the subject is all we should ask, then let's do a review. People have gifts. Atheists say non-believers have individual gifts. This guy’s gift is NOT talking. So a responsible school leadership should not let him talk and/or debate a veteran before cameras and an audience. Any school leader who was this irresponsible should be fired. I know. I taught a school leadership class for a secular college. This is not indicative of good school leadership. Not only is it not edifying to the audience but it can also harm the guy who talked who will be ridiculed afterward.

Think of it this way. If solid knowledge is all that's important then why doesn’t the school hire this guy to be a professor and listen to him give lectures every week? Why not make him the treasurer of the LGBT club? Why not make him the debate team director? You see, knowledge is not enough when it comes to placing the right people with the right gifts in the right place. School leadership must be more responsible than this in identifying and properly placing people with the right gifts.

And that’s it. I find this incident absolutely hilarious for those reasons. It has nothing to do with whether or not this guy has a mental handicap. If he does I sympathize for him much more than that school did, for I would never have placed him in this situation in the first place. As a result, people would not be making fun of him in public like they are now.

So, let's have some more fun with this for the reasons I just stated


Anonymous said...

As you yourself said, John: "History is all in the mind, a few have said. At the very least it seems that almost anything can be rationally denied in the past even if it happened." Therefore we must ask ourselves whether this debate ever took place.

I notice that you've removed the quote from the top of your blog claiming that William Lane Craig is too scared to debate you. I think this is a brilliant strategy - just rewrite the past and pretend that you weren't expecting to win this debate all along...

Anonymous said...

This is priceless.

Andius said...

TBT, you had me laughing a good deal.

Oh Irony can be so sweet indeed. ^_^ 

Andius said...

Okay, screwball to me for mistaking the author....

This is what happens when I post at 2:00 A.M. in the morning. >_<

Anonymous said...

John W. Loser got roasted in his debate with D'Souza. You can listen to the debate here.

Chris said...

John Loftus, Professional Moron.

Ministers usually take courses on homiletics; something he must have left behind when he supposedly rejected Christianity and left the ministry.

That or his entire past is a sham.

I'm going with the latter.

Rian McFie said...

John was great. It's hard for a person like John to debate idiots, but he's did well.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen his latest tirade?


The guy's cracking up. John: YOU CAN'T DO IT!

xena said...

Aha! So you're the culprit! I had a wee WTF moment when I posted a harmless little joke on Loftus' blog. I followed up by saying "Truth be told..." and the regulars accused me of insulting them. Then the King Crackpot barred me.

Has he reached a new level of paranoia or what?

I suspect I'm in better company over here anyway. Great blog :-)